Clean Sweep of Trenton


Protecting the Environment and Your Brand.

Welcome to Clean Sweep of Trenton, serving customers in northern Georgia since 1984. Our company specializes in industrial and commercial street and parking lot sweeping services. The scope of services include turnkey landscaping and grounds keeping services for municipalities, warehouses, and retail stores . By choosing Clean Sweep of Trenton for your business or community, you are able to tackle one of the biggest environmental issues—urban runoff.

Clean Sweep = Clean Streets + Clean Streams

Urban runoff is the material that remains on asphalt streets and roadways. It includes chemical waste, rubber and asphalt compounds that have started to break down, as well as emissions and pollutants from vehicles. When runoff is left on streets, it further degrades the asphalt and goes directly into the surrounding soil. Runoff is washed into our waterways and picked back up in water systems.

Clean Sweep of Trenton provides your company with a viable solution to the dangers of runoff – street sweeping.

Choose Street Sweeping Services in Trenton, GA

Clean Sweep offers street sweeping, parking lot sweeping, and municipal sweeping services to retailers, construction companies, municipalities and industrial facilities. In addition, our teams provide groundskeeping services, pothole repair, power washing, and construction cleanup. Contact our office at 423-877-9192 to request a quote.